Step 1:

Click on Sign in with Twitter button to allow Twitlan to access your account

Step 2:

Enter your Twitter username and password and Click on "Allow" button

Step 3:

After that Tweets would be loaded by default latest 100 Tweets would be loaded,

Step 4:

Select Multiple Tweets by clicking on checkboxes.Here you can select 1st,3rd,5th or even 1000th Tweet.The advantage of this is it allows you only to delete tweets which are not needed by a single click.Then click on "Delete Tweets Permanently" button

Step 5:

Tweets would be deleted and you can see that in below screenshot(From previous screenshot 1,3,5 tweets got deleted)

Step 6:

To display Tweets of your choice.Enter the count in the text box and click on "Load more Tweets" You can enter any number upto "3200"

Step 7:

Loading of Tweets would be displayed simultaneously here..Once it is loaded you can see this message

Step 8:

Here you can see 155 Tweets loaded

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